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The green Ljubljana in Slovenia

Why Ljubljana, Slovenia Will Be Your Next Destination

I’ve been dreaming of visiting Ljubljana in Slovenia for quite some time. Way back, I used to hear charming stories about Slovenia from people and friends who had had the fantastic experience during their vacation in Ljubljana. Slovenia is one of Europe’s greenest and cherished capitals and traveling there is nothing but fun!

For you to get to Ljubljana from Vienna, it will take you two trains, a bus plus 13 hours. However you can always board a direct train only if your budget allows, and this will take you less time to reach there. You can also get there easily by car from many countries, including Italy. In that case, just don’t forget to by the highway vignette before entering Slovenia.

When I arrived to Ljubljana, I immediately understood it’s a quiet and relaxed city and noticed that car traffic is controlled in the city center, therefore many inhabitants and tourists use a bike to move around, or even rollerblades or skateboards. The banks of the Ljubljana River – which flows through the heart of the city – is super nice for walkers and cyclists. Additionally, cafes that were set along the river during the Summer made the streets look like a street party at night. It was amazing spending the night in this beautiful city.

During my vacation in Ljubljana, I got the most out of the visit and here is why it should be your next destination.

  • You Will Enjoy a Serene City With a Green Soul

At Ljubljana, you will notice that nature is everywhere and even to the heart of the city. Anyone who loves nature would want to visit Ljubljana. Also, you can see the incredible development in and outside the city that you even get lost in amazement. I realized that people maneuver the municipality by bikes and Segways. Moreover, you can explore the capital center from the outstanding paddle-board on the river.

  • The Local Cuisine

I didn’t know I could find the real cookery in Ljubljana. The culinary service is progressively more growing in the city and you can enjoy the local dishes from the Taste Central Slovenia and Taste Ljubljana which are increasingly becoming popular worldwide.

  • A Vivacious Cultural City With Fascinating Festivals

Being a creative city, Ljubljana is the home of culture and festivals of different genres right from the oldest to the modern day. You can enjoy various events at the famous Metelkova Culture Center.

  • Explore Central Slovenia

I didn’t just enjoy the city; instead, I also went out to see what the real Slovenia had for me. If you get the chance to explore the city’s suburbs, don’t miss the Central Slovenia region which offers a relaxed and lively vacation in a serene and natural environment.

  • You Will Get to Know Slovenia Through Daily Trips from Ljubljana

If you want to explore entire Slovenia, Ljubljana is the perfect starting point since you can book several trips to and fro the city. Moreover, you will experience the most popular attractions like Postojna Cave, the Bled, the National Museum, and Zale Cemetery, not forgetting the Presernov Trg which portrays Ljubljana’s superb architectural art.

  • Boat-rowing On the Most Striking Lake Ever

I took pleasure from the beautiful still waters of Lake Bled and even from the pictures; it’s unbelievable to say it is existent. Furthermore, at Lake Bled, you can rent a boat from Bled’s township and leisurely reach out to the Bled Island which is naturally placed at the mid of the lake. Also, it takes around 15 minutes to get out. However, I must say your muscles will ache later on just like mine did but that doesn’t mean you will miss this fantastic experience.

Uniquely, the Pilgrimage Church of the Assumption of Maria is placed at the Island, immediately you step down, and it was admirable. You can also have a hot cup of chocolate at a small café here while enjoying the scenery.

Just like I did, visit Ljubljana today and have the most unforgettable experience!

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