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Things You Need to Know Before Visiting The Bahamas

What you need to know before visiting The Bahamas

I have never traveled to The Bahamas yet, however I have done a little study about the destination since I am planning to visit there one day. I want to share some of the travel facts about The Bahamas which I came up with after the study.

The Bahamas encompasses 700-plus, both habited and uninhabited Islands and cays; and this is one of the things I’d want to travel and see for myself.

Unlike other destinations, traveling to The Bahamas is uncomplicated. From many big cities especially in the U.S.A and Canada, one can book a direct flight to The Bahamas.

It is prudent always to plan and organize yourself ahead of traveling and among them is to ensure that you have all the identification details, currency and correct travel papers to avoid unpredictable surprises at the customer service. The following are the most important things that you should know before traveling to The Bahamas Islands.

  • Your Passport Must Be Valid For Up to 6 Months Following Travel

Typically, passport processing takes time, therefore, if yours is expired or perhaps you don’t have one, make sure you give yourself adequate time before your planned date of departure.

  • No Currency Exchange Required

The Bahamian dollar is equivalent to USA dollar, and Visa, American Express, MasterCard and most debit cards are customary throughout Nassau Paradise Island, as well as cheques. Additionally, some credit card corporations charge a little international operation fee. Therefore it is wise to confirm with your provider ahead of leaving for the trip.

Furthermore, you can access The Bahamas banks from Monday to Thursday 9:30-3:00, while every Friday, banks are open from 9:30-5:00.

  • Please Carry a Proof of Your Return Ticket

In The Bahamas, you can be asked to show evidence of returning home. Therefore, carry your return plane tag when getting into The Bahamas to avoid disappointment.

  • Don’t Worry About the Language Barrier

Everyone in The Bahamas communicates in English and for this reason, no communication fears!

  • The Inclusion of Gratuities When You Travel to The Island

Eatery and bar bills in the Island may routinely add a 15% perquisite. Therefore, you don’t need to tip except if the service provided to you is brilliant and you chose to tip.

  • Set Your Watch to The Eastern Standard Time (EST) in The Bahamas

The Bahamas time works on the EST, and it observes Daylight Savings Time, therefore, don’t be left behind.

  • Keep in Touch in The Bahamas at No Extra Cost

Technology did come to the rescue; with Wi-Fi and several apps available, you can easily stay in contact with loved ones and friends without spending extra money. Google Hangouts, Whatsapp among other apps allow you to message and video chat. Furthermore,  you can watch videos and movies using apps like Amazon and Netflix at any time.

People adore visiting the Bahamas because the entire process is straightforward; also, people there are so friendly as well as welcoming. Also, it is just like visiting other major cities and what will add taste to your holiday in The Bahamas is its culture and climate.



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