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Top 5 Best Attractions in Namibia

What to see in Namibia, one of the top destinations in Africa.

Namibia is among the best destinations in Africa, and this is according to the best rated places in Africa. Namibia is located between S. Africa and Angola, and it is famously known for its fantastic desert landscapes, unique culture, and wildlife. I have in no way visited Namibia, but I decided to make inquiries about this beautiful African country. Perhaps you, just like me have never visited Namibia and I am here to share with you some information that  I collected.

According to my inquiries, I realized that you could enjoy the unforgettable moments in Namibia by traveling to its attractions which is the primary topic here. Typically, everyone travels to experience a new and fascinating environment away from home.

I am going to mention the top 5 best attractions in Namibia that you won’t afford to miss. All you need is to plan yourself well for a visit to these beautiful attractions.

  1. Etosha National Park

Etosha Park is one of Africa’s largest reserves, and it covers around 22,921 kilometers square of animal enriched scenery over 30 vegetation regions. Additionally, the park has more than 110 mammal species which include rhino, elephant, lion, and variety of bird species. Moreover, Etosha Park hosts luxurious accommodation for its tourists and not to mention the waterholes where you can enjoy the magnificent views of Etosha.

  1. Skeleton Coast

So many times, I have heard of the Skeleton Coast in Namibia being discussed. This is the beautiful northern shoreline you must not miss. As the name suggests, there are many abandoned ship and dejected castaway; and the Benguela Cold Current which casts a murky shadow over the scenery.

However apparently continuous and intimidating, the park hosts exceptionally adapted flora and fauna that grows here. Furthermore, the inland clean water springs and geology makes the Skeleton Coast hide a set of natural affluence.

  1. Kalahari Desert

You must have heard about the Kalahari Desert while learning about the world’s history. The desert begins from the eastern end of Namibia and stretches over to Botswana border. The red dunes dotted with golden grass and the dwelling of the Bushmen offers an attractive view to Namibia’s tourists. Additionally, the expansive landscape is residence to adapted species of wildlife and flora and treasures hidden on the curve of the dunes.

Visit Namibia and see the desert for yourself!

  1. Sossusvlei

Sossusvlei, situated in southern region of Namib Desert; in the Naukluft National Park of Namibia is a saline and clay pan bounded by tall red dunes. The dune landscape is known to offer the most striking and breathtaking site in the world.

Sossusvlei is naturally decorated in brown, white and gold colors which fascinates every guest that comes around. In case you visit this site, you will keep the sweet memories forever.

  1. Fish River Canyon

The Fish River Canyon passes through the southern plains of Namibia, and many say it is the second biggest in the world. At this attraction, you can enjoy the hiking trails, the compelling geology, the magnificent views as well as the fantastic scenery.

There are other attractions including Kaokoland, Bushmanland, Swakopmund and the Wetlands among others but what I have mentioned are the most excellent features that you must take pleasure from in Namibia.


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