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Top Things to Do in Copenhagen, Denmark

Discover the beautiful capital of Denmark and its attractions

My first visit to Copenhagen in Denmark was remarkable; I have been thinking of sharing my experience with everyone who wishes to visit this beautiful capital. Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark and is popularly known for its history and its ability to offer youth the best experience in life. I realized that the city is well packaged with the trendiest shopping, nightspots and enjoyment parks.

Furthermore, if you are a culture enthusiast, there are various historical palaces and museums to see. I liked the Bronze Age and Viking on display. Also, you can enjoy numerous activities which I also took pleasure in during my visit as well as the food-scene that is increasingly spreading around the globe.

I want to mention the few things among others that I did in Copenhagen during my visit, and they include:

  1. Tivoli Gardens

From my experience, I realized that many tourists visited Copenhagen just to see the Tivoli Gardens. Here, you can enjoy the rollercoaster, the carousel or the romantic 19th-century representations of the Orient. Also, Tivoli gardens are one of the world’s oldest theme parks, and it is ideal for kids’ amusement.

Most uniquely, there is the Star Flyer, a carousel which hikes rides up to 80 meters above the ground.

  1. Nyhavn

It is the historic 17th-century waterfront, canal and amusement district in Copenhagen which I had the chance to experience. At this canal, old wooden ships are still anchored and on its sides, are tall painted houses dating back to 1600-1700s and among them are restaurants, cafes, and bars with a beautiful seating. In the entire Copenhagen, this is one of the perfect places to have coffee during summer.

Most importantly, the harbor is a literary landmark since the houses 18,20 and 67 which are marked with plague were at some point residence to author Hans Christian Andersen.

  1. Bicycle Riding

I am not a bicycle riding fan. However, I must say Copenhagen is one of the most bike-friendly cities globally. The first thing that caught my sight was the bike riders who were all along the streets of the town safely maneuvering without helmets. The best thing about the city is its flat state. Moreover, the cycling lanes are broad, and they help to discourage pollution, and people can ride whenever they are on a trip.

If you want to ride, there are several companies that rents bicycles in the city and you can rent from the old models to the current ones which have inbuilt touch-screen-tablets with GPS, that sounds nice, right?

  1. The Church of Our Savior

The church of our savior is voted as the best sight of Copenhagen by the citizens. The building is flamboyant since the 1700s, and you can notice the original spire from afar. At the church building, there is a handrail for the stairway, and you can climb to the sight viewing, through 400 steps, but this is not possible for everyone, especially if you are unwell.

Here, I had the best panorama of ships entering the harbor and view of the entire Copenhagen that you will also enjoy.

  1. Botanical Backyard

The botanical backyard is located at the heart of Copenhagen, and it occupies about 10 hectares of land. The reason why I liked these gardens is that of their natural property, as well as the beautiful iron and glass structures, build around them, which date back to the 1870s. Furthermore, some species in the garden were said to be around 200 years old; it also comprises 13000 plant species.

Additionally, there is an arctic house which provides the garden with hi-tech air conditioning, which further recreates the extreme environment for the arctic class in the garden.

For you to do all the things in Copenhagen, you will need a more extended holiday. Additional things to do is visiting the Christiansburg Palace, the Nationalmuseet and the little mermaid statue which is the most prominent landmark in the capital.


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