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What to See in Budapest, Hungary

Visit Budapest, the capital of Hungary on the River Danube

Budapest, the capital of Hungary, cut across by the River Danube is one of the most visited capitals. The city is known to have risen from the ashes of war and occupation, and up to date, it is one of the must-visit cities in the world.

Budapest emerged from the account of two cities, the Buda and Pest which are alienated by River Danube. During my travel to this city, I encountered a lot of amazing things which until now, are still fresh in my mind, if time would only allow, I could stay longer in Budapest.

Here some of the top places and things to try in Budapest:

  • The House of Terror

The most scaring building I have ever seen in my life is the House of Terror, which way back served as the headquarters for the secret police of both the Communist regimes and the Arrow Cross Nazi. It encloses exhibits linked to the communists and fascist regimes as well as of those who were detained, questioned, tormented and killed in the building. However, it is currently a museum.

  • The Astounding Food

The time I landed in Budapest, I was surprised to see a lot of groceries, food, and drinks booths in the city. One could think there were family gatherings by the way people were busy hanging out, socializing, and listening to music while having bites and drinks at the shopping venues. To be precise, the food was in variety as well as in plenty!

  • Cruising at Night

Have you ever thought of cruising at night? This too amazed in Budapest. A cruise up and about the river Danube at night offers terrific nighttime sights of the bridges and attractions. You can view the Buda Castle and Fisherman’s Bastion standing out like fireworks on the side of Buda. Whereas on the side of Pest of Danube, a stunning view of the Parliament Building is glowing and noticeable in the darkness.

  • The Shoes on The Danube

I learned some history here. Alongside River Danube, in front of the Parliament Building, is a poignant memorial to the Jewish group of Budapest; who lost their lives during the World War II, at the hands of Nazi-affiliated Arrow Cross. If you have ever heard of the Danube shoes which I saw there, symbolizes how individuals were sadly lined up on the Danube banks and shot into the water so that their bodies could be carried away. I was however told that before that, they were asked to get rid of their shoes since the footwear was considered too precious to get lost in the river. And later on, sixty pairs of iron shoes were created by Sculptor Gyula Pauer to tribute the victims. This, however, horrified me!

  • Play on Fisherman’s Bastion

The surrounding of the castle resembles a village in itself, and it is typically contained within the Fisherman’s Bastion; which was built during the millennial festivity time. While it resembles a fortress, it is made more of a monument and a scenic overlook including seven towers which stand for the 7 Magyar tribes that resided the area way back in 869.


  • Margaret Island

Another great place is the scenic park, Margaret Island. It is a Danube isle connecting Buda and pest. Furthermore, the park holds two swimming pools, a petting zoo, a padded jogging trail, a musical cascade, and a restaurant among other attractive spots which I didn’t manage to get to in the island.

Although I have not visited anything else in Hungary, Budapest is very fascinating and is good to visit this vibrant capital at least once.


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