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Pool party outfit

What to wear to a pool party

Summer is here, and the coolest parties now are beach parties or pool parties. If you have the latter coming up, please send us an invite, the heat wave is killing us too. That being said, picking out the perfect dress for your event can be one of the biggest headaches for you.

Agreed, bikinis and swimsuits may be the first things that come to mind, but if you have a closet full of clothes, you may be left with a wide array of gorgeous outfits staring you in the face.

So, what exactly is ideal to wear to a pool party?

Occasion matters

Before we dive right into what you could wear to a pool party, it is important to note that the occasion and your comfortability with your outfit matters. While pool parties are largely associated with hot summer bodies and long legs in bikinis, the occasion, audience and event being celebrated really does, to an extent, dictate the tone of your dress. Depending on what the function is about, you may opt for elegant, laidback, chic, sexy or even slutty ?

  1. Crotchet tops

Crochet tops are lovely and fashionable. These will easily grace any occasion, conveying that chic and hippie vibe. Wear these over your bathing suit and pair with some denim shorts and a lace up sandal to complement. If it’s not a night or evening event, you should definitely whip out those sunglasses of yours and add a hat if you want.

Try to use reserved colours that match well. This way you can stay chic and simple without throwing too many colours around.

  1. Off-the-shoulder dresses

Looking for a way to stay trendy but casual? Look to off-shoulders.

Pair your off-the-shoulder dress with some cool heels that match your sunglasses and come with one of your favourite handbags for this one. If you’re going for an off-the-shoulder top, get some fine shorts to go and a lace up sandal. Feel free to sport a tassel ear ring and some hand jewelleries too.

  1. Knotted T-Shirt

Transform a boring T-shirt and add some sexiness to it by making a knot by the end. This gives the funky vibe you want for a pool party. Feel free to pair this with a large hat and some mini denim shorts. A good pair of sunglasses will also complement your looks.

  1. Chambray

Whether as a top, dress or short, chambray is always a great idea for pool parties. Pair your chambray shorts with some tank top or a simple free dress to show off some legs and keep it simple at your pool party.

  1. Kimono

Dazzle effortlessly in a brightly coloured kimono and some sunglasses to the pool side. Match your dress with a reserved necklace and some simple sandals to go.

  1. Crop tops

Crop tops are a win-win at any pool party. These beauties are perfect for any body type and can be paired with just about anything. Take it on with some high waist jean or skirt or dazzle with a palazzo along with some contrasting loud statement neckpiece. Generally, the key here is to go with something you can swim with, so, you may opt for a decent swim suit or swim undies below a chic crop top.

  1. Floral outfits

Floral outfits are classy and simple enough for any occasion. You can wear one along with a plain bikini and mini shorts. The key here is to pair a brightly coloured floral dress with some toned-down bikini. Even if you don’t want to wear any two-piece, you can pair your floral short gown with a jean or mini short denim of any dull colour.

  1. Plain dresses and gowns

While we’ve been running through some chic and sexy line-ups. Classy moms and older women can wear a deep-cut and full-length plain outfit. This would be ideal when the pool party is more concerned with formal events and official functions, keeping a modest appearance and a fashionable projection.


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