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What You Must Enjoy in Premantura, Croatia

Spend a few days in Premantura, in Istria, Croatia

I didn’t know Premantura until I visited recently. The destination is located in Istria Peninsula, next to Pula tourist center and it is a smaller place than I imagined. I came to fall in love with this little place so much that I promised myself to visit again. However small it is, Premantura has got beautiful things to take pleasure from during any visit. What I loved most about this place is the sea color which is blue-green, the pebble and rocky beaches, as well as the historical sites.

Some of the things I was fortunate to enjoy in Premantura are:

  • Beach Rt Kamenjak Premantura

The beaches that you can enjoy in Premantura are located in the Cape Kamenjak. Beach Rt Kamejak is just 10 minutes from Pula, and it is owned by Medulin County. Additionally, the Cape Kamenjak is situated in the southern end of Istria where you can see the clear sea and nature.

Moreover, before you visit the beach, ensure you carry a sun-block lotion, head covers, parasol and sufficient water to drink due to the hot weather.

At Cape Kamenjak, I was also fascinated by the recreational dinosaur pathway which is located just right at the cape. The path is 600m long, and it encompasses life-size dinosaur models. Moreover, the trail ends when you get to the seashore of Cape Grakalov which has existent traces of dinosaurs that resided here way back.

  • The Yummy Istrian Food!

While in Premantura, I decided I should try out their foodstuff and to my surprise, I got the best experience ever. In this small destination, you can’t afford to miss the traditional Istrian food and gourmet dishes. Additionally, Istrian food included a variety of spices, fish, and lots of wild plants; besides, wine is an essential ingredient in their cooking style. Here you can enjoy foods ranging from wild asparagus, seafood to truffles. The food is also inclusive of minestrone which I liked, and not to mention other traditional Istrian foods.

  • The National Park, Brijuni Islands

Park Brijuni is an oasis of ideal accord among humanity, animals, and vegetation. At the Island, you can tell of the human activities since several years back, and you can enjoy the view of the turquoise blue sea, the green Islands as well as the hills which are decorated by organic white Istrian stones. Also, Brijuni is a combination of ordinary, cultural and historical legacy with almost 700 plant species, 250 bird species and a modest Mediterranean atmosphere that makes the place inspiring and pleasurable. Besides, you can have pleasure in all 14 Islands in Brijuni!

  • Daytime Trips From Pula to Quixotic Venice

I liked the daytime ferry trips that I had the chance to enjoy from Pula to Venice. What I realized is that several travel agencies in Premantura offered the tour. Therefore you have to choose whichever you like. Other ferry operators who provide the trip include Venezia Lines, Adriatic Lines, and Adriatica.

Furthermore, each ferry is fully equipped, and it leaves Pula at 7:30 am and disembarks in Venice at 11:00 am.

  • Lighthouse Porer

Lighthouse Porer is placed at the mid of Porer Island, and it is 35 meters high. According to its history, it was built in 1833, and since then, it is maintained by two lighthouse keepers. The Island is 2.5km from Premantura mainland, and besides, Porer stands for a magical beauty of the Adriatic Sea. I managed to walk around the Island for a while, and the experience was incredible.

Among many other things, I enjoyed the aforementioned in Premantura, which for sure you will also enjoy during your stay there!



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